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Despite rapid progress and unimaginable phone communication technology is still the most widely used and most important equipment used for communications work and why one of the main concerns of business managers and decision-makers today, choosing a reliable and powerful infrastructure to manage and lead these valuable contacts between customers and staff inside or outside the organization.

3CX Phone System

Way communication 3CX Call Center and Unified Communications and Contact Center functionality is based on the Windows operating system (ie Opensource means free and open source and is not based on the Linux operating system) on a home computer or server industrial running Windows Server installation and contact task, manage and monitor your calls within and outside the organization takes over.

VoIP equipment

To start 3CX VoIP communication or any kind of standard work, you need hardware compatible with the protocol Choose the hardware and software selection and the core of the system are equally important and decisive


BARAN COMMUNICATION CENTER Company, mostly known as BARAN or BaranCC, has been established as a leading telecommunications company with a special focus on IRAN Call Center and Contact Center market, by a group of specialists and experts of this field in 2010. The company has been equipped with technical know-how and development capability of top global brands and has considered as the leading supplier of Telecommunications equipment, and provider of technical and professional services related to country VOIP, Call and Contact Center market. At the moment, company has two offices in Tehran, IRAN and around 20 employees in different departments including Sales and Marketing, Technical, Financial, Warehouse and logistic.